“Thanks to Penny, my accuracy has improved and my confidence has grown enormously in    speaking, which prepared me so well for my A2 oral exam”

Rebecca Ng, June 2015


 “I met Penny at a networking event and instantly knew she was the right person to get my French back up to the standard it used to be (which in all honesty wasn’t that high!). I started attending her weekly Wednesday French class and my confidence has gone from strength to strength. I recently took a work trip to France and even surprised myself by launching straight into conversations in French and understanding the reply!Penny is a patient, enthusiastic teacher, her knowledge of the French language is astounding and her group lessons feel like such a safe place to take ones first steps into confidently conducting conversations in French.She’s a genius and a legend – best teacher I’ve ever had!” 

Note from Penny – “Milly has just returned from Switzerland where she was reporting on a skiing competition!”

Millie Cooper, April  2015


 “Not only does Penny know and understand France and its language, she also knows and understands her students. She takes time to assess and work with strengths as well as weaknesses. She worked patiently with my frustrations at my basic errors, listened to my needs and offered a wealth of ideas from her depth of experience as a tutor. She makes sure that the student feels empowered and encouraged, never overwhelmed. Her sessions are always welcoming and I come away with a smile, increased motivation and an enhanced ability to use French. Penny brings France and French to Cardiff and makes it a pleasure for others to share the learning journey with her”.

 Valerie Evans, January 2015




“During my final year of studying French at Cardiff University I was finding it particularly difficult to cope with the workload and I was feeling negative about my work. I went to Penny and am so glad I did. Penny really encouraged me with my spoken French and helped me to gain confidence ahead of my French speaking exam. I was also able to meet other people who were learning French with Penny in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Penny is able to teach beginners as well as those like me who want to brush up on their French while gaining confidence in speaking. I am pleased to say I passed my French speaking exam and have now graduated. I am so grateful to Penny for her help and I definitely recommend her!”

Charlotte Nelms, July 2014







Here I am teaching Mother & Daughter, Nicky & Elysia Flower some conversational
French before they go skiing in the Perpignan Region of France this winter.



James Walker physiotherapist, improving his French before going to
Courchevel, France to work.  Something he has always wanted to do.



    Alicia Meanes new pupil from Northern Spain,
studied at Cardiff  University. European Law.

Edward Ellaby French lessons Cardiff

 Edward Ellaby he specialises in construction law at Eversheds

French Lessons Cardiff Student Alexis Blair

 Alexis Blair learning French in preparation for the family move to France

FrenchLessons Cardiff New Student Ben Blair

               Here is Ben Blair who plays for Cardiff Blues and who is preparing for his move playing for a club in France





Sarah Chan – Working for the National Trust, seeking to add French to her CV

Dan Parks – Former rugby player for Cardiff Blues, seeking to gain basic knowledge of French in order to be able to speak more proficiently in French with his girlfriend and her family


Zainub Akbar – Student at a private school in Cardiff, studying for her French G.C.S.E.


Julian Parker – Ex corporate banking professional, seeking to maintain
his excellent level of French